The Law Firm of Mary Hurley-Bruno provides high
quality legal services in the area of divorce and family law. Our legal team is comprised of hard-working, dedicated, experienced and compassionate professionals who are committed to the best interests of our clients.

By providing the legal guidance and representation our clients need and treating our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve, we feel we can alleviate the emotional toll in what is often a very difficult time in our clients’ lives. Our goal is to resolve matters efficiently and amicably to minimize stress and conflict. To do this, our firm strongly believes in listening to our clients’ needs and assessing the current situation to decide on the best course of action to obtain the best possible outcome for our client.

Our mission is to provide each client with the high level of service, attention and dedication they deserve while ensuring that their current and future interests are protected.

Providing legal representation in Plymouth, Norfolk and Barnstable Counties